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The Power Huddle is an educational & networking community for creatives, entrepreneurs and visionaires. 

Our monthly virtual huddles feature sessions facilitated by some of today's leading success coaches, brand strategist, creatives and entrepreneurs.

"The Power Huddle is exceptional and absolutely life-changing. The tools provided by the various coaches have sharpened, strengthened and empowered me. Prior to this conference, the passion and zeal for the work that I want to do was immeasurable but needed formation. However, after the wisdom that was deposited during the Power Huddle, the voice of my vision will now produce weight and will have influence...."

Shavona Whitehead


The Power Huddle is an amazing workshop that always exceeds my expectations. Each presenter pours into us as if we paid them thousands of dollars to do so.  The gems shared are priceless..."

Karen Morring

Philadelphia, PA

“I am so glad to be a part of  the Power Huddle. Being able to gather with likeminded people from around the world, is beautiful. Having the ability to glean from people who have a wealth of knowledge, I always leave  empowered, challenged and ready for my next. I've made new connections and look forward to growing in power. #ImInTheHuddle

Brandon Rashad

New York, New York


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